Film Commission News + Updates

Film Florida Quarterly Meeting

Film Florida's next Quarterly Meeting will be Thursday, September 16 to Friday, September 17, 2021. Events will include Film Florida Committee and Council Meetings and the Film Florida Board of Directors Meeting and will continue to be done entirely through Zoom. As always, all Film Florida members…

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It's time to revive the film industry!

During the Great Recession, Florida’s unemployment was over 10% — people were struggling. To bring jobs to the state, the Legislature passed a bill to offer film studios incentives to set up shop in Florida. It was a good trade — studios already had plenty of reasons to ditch high-tax states such as…

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Coming Soon: Film Florida Fridays

Film Florida Fridays are interactive chats about current topics, initiatives, and relationship-building in Florida’s film, television, commercial, photography, and digital media industry. The chats will take place one Friday each month at 9:30 am EST starting Friday, April 16, 2021. Industry…

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