During the Great Recession, Florida’s unemployment was over 10% — people were struggling. To bring jobs to the state, the Legislature passed a bill to offer film studios incentives to set up shop in Florida. It was a good trade — studios already had plenty of reasons to ditch high-tax states such as California, and with a little help, the Sunshine State became one of the top alternatives. At its height, Florida was the No. 3 film destination in the country. Learn more!


Florida's most filmed locations!

When making stunning images and timeless videos, it all comes down to choosing the perfect location. Some of the best movies in the world were filmed in the most prominent places around the globe. However, finding that perfect spot is not always easy. The best approach is to learn from other examples, watching famous pieces of cinematography. If there is one place in the US widely used in Hollywood movies, it is Florida. Let's learn a little about its history and virtually visit Florida's most filmed locations. Let us imagine we are there, in our body and spirit, taking in all the experience of the best filmmakers and photographers in the industry. Read more.